Anfang der 1990er-Jahre wuchs das Bewusstsein für den Sinn fairer Verhaltensregeln. Damals wurden vor allem in der Bekleidungs- und Sportartikelindustrie freiwillige Verhaltenskodizes eingeführt. Die Marken verpflichteten sich, gewisse Standards einzuhalten.…

Anfang der 1990er-Jahre wuchs das Bewusstsein für den Sinn fairer Verhaltensregeln. Damals wurden vor allem in der Bekleidungs- und Sportartikelindustrie freiwillige Verhaltenskodizes eingeführt. Die Marken verpflichteten sich, gewisse Standards einzuhalten.

Im Energieleben-Interview hat Mag.a Michaela Knieli von „die umweltberatung“ im Bezug auf Ökotextilien und schonend verarbeitete Mode besonders auf das Label „Global Organic Textile Standard“ hingewiesen.


Die Verhaltenskodizes der Industrie sind schriftlich niedergelegte Richtlinien, die als Grundlage für das Verhalten transnationaler Konzerne dienen sollen. Sie gelten für das Verhalten gegenüber der Belegschaft, gegenüber staatlichen Stellen und in Sachen Umwelt.
Laut OECD: „von Unternehmen, Verbänden oder anderen juristischen Personen freiwillig eingegangene Verpflichtungen, in denen Standards und Grundsätze für die Durchführung von geschäftlichen Aktivitäten im Markt festgeschrieben sind.“


37 derartige Abkommen gab es im Jahr 2001. Inzwischen ist diese Zahl noch gewachsen. Nur: Ob ein Verhaltenskodex eingehalten wird, muss natürlich geprüft werden.
Dafür kommen unabhängige Überprüfungsorganisationen infrage, wie die Fair Wear Foundation, die Ethical Trading Initiative und die Fair Labour Association.

Fair Wear Foundation (FWF)

1999 wurde in den Niederlanden die Fair-Wear-Foundation von Wirtschaftsverbänden, Gewerkschaften und NGOs gegründet.
Sie fordert:

  • – Keine Zwangsarbeit
  • – Keine Diskriminierung
  • – Keine Kinderarbeit
  • – Das Recht auf Kollektivverhandlungen
  • – Living Wages (Einkommen, das zum Leben reicht)
  • – Keine unzumutbaren langen Arbeitszeiten
  • – Einen technischen Standards entsprechenden und gesunden Arbeitsplatz
  • – Rechtsverbindliche Beschäftigungsbeziehungen

FWF kontrolliert:

Bo Rüsselkäfer:
Grosso Moda:
Expresso Fashion:
Hess Natur:
McGregor Fashion Group:
Young Fashion:
Falcon Sportswear:

Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI)

Die Initiative für ethischen Handel (Ethical Trading Initiative) wurde 1998 gegründet.
Der Basiskodex enthält folgende Bestimmungen:

  • – Recht auf kollektive Verhandlungen
  • – Verbot der Zwangsarbeit
  • – Verbot der Kinderarbeit
  • – Verbot der Diskriminierung
  • – Living Wages
  • – Arbeits- und Gesundheitsschutz
  • – Geregelte Arbeitszeiten
  • – Geregelte Beschäftigungsbeziehung
  • – Verbot menschenunwürdiger Behandlung

Einige der von FTI betreuten Labels sind:

Gap Inc.:
Monsoon Accessorize:
New Look:
Pentland (Lacoste Footwear, Ellesse, KangaROOS, Speedo, Kickers etc.):
William Lamb Footwear:
Zara/ Inditex:

Ende 2006 wurde Levi Strauss & Co aus der Betreuung durch ETI ausgeschlossen, weil der Konzern keine „Living Wages“ zahlen wollte.

Fair Labor Association (FLA)

Die Fair Labor Association wurde ebenfalls 1998 gegründet. Sie vereint Unternehmen, Universitäten, NGOs, den Anwaltsauschuss für Menschenrechte, Verbrauchervereine und dem nationalen Rat der Kirchen.

  • – Verbot der Zwangsarbeit
  • – Verbot der Kinderarbeit (wenn nach nationalen Gesetzen erlaubt, ist die Altersgrenze 14, ansonsten 15 Jahre)
  • – Verbot von Schikane und Missbrauch
  • – Verbot von Diskriminierung
  • – Sicherer und gesunder Arbeitsplatz
  • – Recht auf Kollektivverhandlungen
  • – Mindestens die Zahlung der jeweils gesetzlichen Mindestlöhne
  • – Geregelte Arbeitszeit
  • – Vergütung von Überstunden

Mitglieder sind:

Adidas Group (Adidas, Reebok, Salomon):
Top of the World:   
Gear for Sports:  
Eddie Bauer:
Philip Van Huesen (ua Calvin Klein):
Liz Claiborne: 
Nike (inkl. Converse als 100 prozentige Tochtergesellschaft):
New Era Cap:
Outdoor Cap:  
Zephyr Graf-X:

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Details were described to the AP on Tuesday by USTA officials. 鈥淩oger Federer said it perhaps best of all: It鈥檚 time for us to work together, as opposed to working against each other,鈥?USTA Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer Gordon Smith said in a telephone interview. Federer, the 17-time major champion, is president of the ATP Player Council. He is not playing in the tournament that begins this week at Key Biscayne, but participated in Tuesday鈥檚 meeting via telephone. Federer joined other top players, including current No. 1 Novak Djokovic, in lobbying the USTA and organizers of other major tournaments in an effort that began at the tournament in Indian Wells, Calif., about 12 months ago. 鈥淚t鈥檚 a very positive step for players. You know, it proves that players, I think, are more united than ever. I believe that these are some significant changes in the negotiations with Grand Slams,鈥?Djokovic said Wednesday in Key Biscayne. 鈥淚t hasn鈥檛 happened for, I think, ever or for many, many years that we have such increases. We just feel like we deserve it. There is a lot of players 鈥?not just the top players, but a lot of players who are in top 100, top 200 鈥?who deserve to have a better living from this sport.鈥?Aside from wanting more money, some male players complained the U.S. Open had been the sport鈥檚 only Grand Slam tournament with their semifinals and final on consecutive days. The USTA liked its old 鈥淪uper Saturday鈥?setup 鈥?two men鈥檚 semifinals and the women鈥檚 final all on that day鈥檚 schedule at Flushing Meadows, followed by the men鈥檚 final Sunday 鈥?but tournament director David Brewer acknowledged it was time to scrap it. 鈥淲e realize the game has changed and how they play the game is different even than it was 10 years ago,鈥?Brewer said. 鈥淭he format we鈥檝e had for 30 years was putting players and the tournament in jeopardy at some point.鈥?In December, the USTA said it would move the 2013 women鈥檚 singles final to Sunday and the men鈥檚 final to Monday, building in a day of rest ahead of each title match and moving from a 14-day tournament to 15 days. That schedule will remain in place in 2014, but the U.S. Open will shift things in 2015: women鈥檚 semifinals Thursday, men鈥檚 semifinals Friday, women鈥檚 final Saturday, men鈥檚 final Sunday.JACQUES DEMARTHON/AFP/Getty Images Novak Djokovic (l.) and Roger Federer applaud the increase in prize money at the U.S. Open. 鈥淧ersonally, I am not happy with a Monday final, but it is the way it is for next two years,鈥?Djokovic said. 鈥淚 think we have to accept it, and then after that, it all goes back to normal, hopefully, for Sunday final, like every Grand Slam has.鈥?Another change coming in 2015: Men鈥檚 first-round matches will be played over the U.S. Open鈥檚 opening two days, instead of three. Asked to describe the nature of the negotiations with players, which began about a year ago, USTA Chairman of the Board and President David Haggerty said: 鈥淚 wouldn鈥檛 say necessarily 鈥榩ressure.鈥?I would say 鈥榮pirited discussions.鈥濃€?The USTA does not plan to pay for the higher prize money with a similar leap in ticket prices. 鈥淔rankly, we鈥檒l take somewhat of a hit,鈥?Smith said, 鈥渂ut it鈥檚 the right thing to do for the Open and for the players, so we鈥檙e doing it.鈥?The distribution of the new prize money 鈥?how much will go to the singles champions, for example, or to losers in the early rounds or to doubles teams 鈥?hasn鈥檛 been decided. An announcement is expected closer to the start of the U.S. Open, which runs from Aug. 26 to Sept. 9. The USTA did confirm its commitment to equal paychecks for men and women. But it is not ready to say exactly how prize money will go up between now and 2017, other than that it will increase each year. 鈥淲e have a good idea, but we are still working on that,鈥?Smith said. 鈥淲e鈥檝e shared our thinking (with the ATP), and I think we鈥檙e all pretty much on the same page, but we鈥檙e working out the details.鈥?The USTA鈥檚 prize money announcement comes before the French Open (which starts May 26) and Wimbledon ( starts June 24) say how much they will offer this year. Haggerty said the sport鈥檚 leading tournaments have not coordinated their efforts to placate players. 鈥淭his agreement … really allows us to focus our energies … on growing tennis and participation. This allows us to know generally what the future looks like,鈥?Haggerty said. 鈥淓ach of the Grand Slams make their own decisions. … We have not had conversations with the other Grand Slams to tell them what we鈥檙e doing,鈥?he added. 鈥淭hey will hear about it when it is announced.鈥?Post a Comment Comments See All Comments Guidelines ] To post your comments, please, Sign in . X Show more comments Ads by Yahoo! Mar 21st, 10:56AM Watson changes Ryder Cup selections U.S. Ryder Cup captain Tom Watson changed the selection process by eliminating one captain鈥檚 pick to three. Paul Azinger, seeking a better Mar 5th, 1:41PM Trump primed for Doral facelift DORAL, Fla. — This will be the last WGC Cadillac Championship at Doral as we know the Blue Monster.Donald Trump, who purchased the old resort Most Popular Most Read Most Shared 1 Ex-tennis star Capriati facing battery, stalking charges 2 Smith: HBO floors Golden Boy Promotions 3 Lovestruck Tiger flirts with No. 1 at Palmer Invitational 4 Two FSU sprinters arrested after poolside shooting 5 Messi proud new pope is fellow Argentine 6 End Zone: Slovenian beauty is a-Maze-ing racer 7 Former tennis star Capriati responds to report she attacked ex 8 Messi beats out Ronaldo for 4th-straight Ballon d’Or 9 Mighty Quinn: March 21 10 Vonn recovering but still angry with race officials 1 Ex-tennis star Capriati facing battery, stalking charges 2 Bossert’s Day at the Races: Friday, March 22 3 Messi proud new pope is fellow Argentine 4 Bossert’s Aqueduct Analysis: March 22 5 Dobson knocks off 2-time champ Ceballo 6 Tennis player sniffs action again after cocaine reversal 7 michael kors outlet Two FSU sprinters arrested after poolside shooting 8 Lovestruck Tiger flirts with No. 1 at Palmer Invitational 9 Thoroughbred owner arrested on animal neglect charges 10 Tiger out so Garcia can win British Editors‘ Picks NCAA Tournament: The MADNESS in photos It’s Christmas Day for fans of college hoops and we’ve got the best pictures from all the action as the NCAA Tournament tips off for the 2013 edition of March Madness. Mets name Wright fourth captain in team history When he arrived in late 2010, Sandy Alderson’s job was to evaluate the Mets for who should stay, who should go, and who was worth building around. The veteran baseball man and his new manager quickly learned what Jeff Wilpon and Mets players had known for years: David Wright is a leader. Yanks send Jeter to minors When Jeter returns to action, it will be in minor-league games at the Yankees‘ training complex across the street from the ballpark, allowing the Yankees to back-date the shortstop’s potential stint on the disabled list the maximum 10 days. Giant RB features in NFL video on new rule David Wilson had watched his YouTube highlights before. But never like this. During a quiet moment of Boost Mobile’s „Shrink Hunger“ community event in on Thursday in Harlem, the Giants running back huddled over his smartphone, staring at his running form, focused on the position of his helmet. Melo returns in big way as Knicks thump Magic Carmelo Anthony erased concerns within the first 30 seconds of Wednesday night鈥檚 game against the Magic, nailing an op Longchamp handbags outlet en three with the type of lift on his jumper he couldn鈥檛 manage just a week earlier. MARCH DAD-NESS! Kin of famous athletes Forget the shoes – is it the genes? Many players in the 2013 NCAA brackets come from families where the father was a famous athlete. Check out who comes from where. LISTEN! New Daily News Fifth YANKEES PODCAST Mark Feinsand recaps the latest news from Yankee camp in his second episode of his new podcast. CHAMPION WAGs: Arsenal vs. Bayern Munich When it comes to these WAGs, there’s no competition. As England’s Arsenal takes on Bayern Munich in Germany on March 13, 2013, check out all the sexy wives and girlfriends cheering from the sidelines … The MO-ments of Rivera’s Yankee career With a record 608 saves … and counting! … under his belt and five World Series rings, future Hall of Fame closer Mariano Rivera has had quite a run in pinstripes. Here’s a look back at his biggest moments. PHOTOS: Hairdos and hair-don’ts in sports The larger-than-life personalities in sports often try to match their attitudes with outrageous hairstyles, facial hair, or both. Let’s take a look at some of the best (and worst) hair decisions made by athletes. Daily News Pix – Boxing The Daily News has some of the most memorable photos in sports history. From legendary boxers and iconic tennis players to golfing greats and fabled Olympians, the Daily News has the photos you want of the once-in-a-lifetime sports moments. Find yours today and relive history. Buy a Print Sports Video

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